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Virtual Studio Must Haves

Here are my top favorite products for creating an inexpensive but interactive and fun home virtual studio!


When you follow the links to shop my favorite Amazon items, every purchase you make puts me closer to becoming an Amazon affiliate. Thank you for your support!


This complete kit comes with two lightweight, adjustable box lights with reflectors and a travel bag.

Why I Like It: These are super portable! They help to even out the lighting and eliminate shadows in my virtual studio. Because they're easy to move, I can also use them for indoor photo shoots so that I can create marketing materials for my classes, events, and business!

Price: $69.99 (+ there's a 5% off coupon right now!)


These lights are self-adhesive and the kit contains everything you need, including remote control. Use scissors to customize your ideal length.

Why I Like It: These lights go up super fast and they create a party atmosphere in my virtual studio! You can set the lights to change colors by flashing, fading in/out, syncing to the music, or select the color that fits your mood. These are also super fun for kids' bedrooms!

Price: $33.98 (currently 15% off)

Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

I use this waterproof, non-slip rubber base giant mouse pad on the table I use for my 

livestream set-up in my virtual studio.

Why I Like It: This mat is large enough to cover my entire table! It fits my laptop, monitor, speakers, and charging area with plenty of room to use my mouse to prep for my virtual classes. Bonus - it makes my setup so pretty!

Price: $15.88

Desk Clamp Power Station

This handy clamp slides and snaps easily onto the table I use for my Livestream setup. It has an extra-long 6ft cord.

Why I Like It: This u-shaped power strip keeps clutter out of the way and allows me to plug in/charge up to 9 devices! It includes 6 AC outlets, 2 standard USB ports, and 1 USB-C port. I can conveniently charge my mic headset, phone, and Sartechi remote in-between classes!

Price: $29.99

Interlocking Foam Flooring

This 3/8 inch thick printed wood grain foam flooring comes in seven colors (I have Classic Oak) and includes 25 tiles that cover up to 100 feet of space. 

Why I Like It: This mat has literally saved my body! I use it to lessen the impact of dancing and working out on a tile floor. The surface is not too grippy and not too slippery. The tiles are super light and easily connect and come apart very easily as well. Note: these will work best on a non-carpeted surface.

Price: $119.95

Wireless Mic Headset

This chargeable wireless mic headset will work with a MAC, PC, or in my case, a Microsoft Surface Pro and includes a dual-charging cord.

Why I Like It: I love this little mic! It's powerful, light, and non-bulky. You can easily adjust the sound and it works like a charm to amplify your voice over your class music when you plug the little receiver into a USB external sound adapter (see below). 

Price: $29.88

USB Stereo Sound Adapter

Plug the receiver of your wireless mic set into the pink jack, and voila! You can now cue and communicate with your class clearly and easily over the sound of the music in class! Works for ZOOM, OBS, and other broadcasting software.

Why I Like It: This inexpensive little tool has saved me 100s of dollars! The only other option I've found to properly amplify my voice over music in ZOOM, Google Meet or OBS is to purchase a sound mixer. 

Price: $7.88

4 Port USB Hub

I use a Microsoft Surface Pro to stream my classes, and my device only has one USB port. I use this hub to connect my wireless mouse, headset mic receiver, ethernet cable, and webcam.

Why I Like It: Inexpensive and does the trick! Plus I like that it is super slim and easily portable (in case you take your livestreaming on the go!

Price: $11.99

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